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Take that to the bank

February 25, 2012

It's less than a week away from the big March 2-Gether fundraiser, and the Trolleys have been busy little bees (make sure you see a Trolley or visit Ragpickers for a ticket!).

Yesterday the papers arrived in the mail declaring us official owners of the name "The Flaming Trolleys" and so we marched on over to the Assiniboine Credit Union and opened ourselves an account. Perhaps we should learn to play the song at the end of the Crimson Permanent Assurance next...

Kat posted some really awesome photos of a recent practice, and practice we have been! We've also added a couple new performances (look to the left :), and tomorrow work begins on a new issue of our Trolley zine. Look for those, along with new stickers, t-shirts, and more at the big event next Friday!

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